Cargo Bike: The Future of Sustainable Urban Mobility


October 8, 2023☕️ 4 min read 6

Cycling has always been the primary mode of urban transportation for me. Having lived in different cities: London, San Francisco, Hamburg, and now Poznań, I always found bikes to be a green, healthy, and efficient way to get around the city for day-to-day commutes and weekend trips.

As cities face congestion and environmental challenges, the push for sustainable transportation intensifies. Bicycles, with their low carbon footprint and efficiency, are emerging as pivotal tools in this shift. They not only combat climate issues but also promote healthier and more connected urban communities.

Bikes can be a big part of the evolution of our cities. They’re key for sustainable urban travel. And if we’re talking about limiting the use of cars - cargo bikes might just be the answer.

Sustainable urban mobility

Sustainable urban mobility is all about making our city transport systems more efficient, environmentally friendly, and accessible for everyone. It is a way to move people and goods around in cities without causing unnecessary pollution, traffic congestion, or straining natural resources.

For me, it’s all about finding a balance where cities can grow and prosper without sacrificing the environment or quality of life in the process.

Cargo bikes

Cargo bikes come into the picture as a cool solution to some of these problems. They are designed with extended frames housing a customizable cargo area, which makes them good at carrying goods, kids, pets, and more. They are versatile and adaptable to the user’s needs.

Cargo bikes are a viable alternative to cars and vans clogging up the city streets. They can enable delivering packages in last-mile logistics, and they’re also fantastic for family daily tasks. Many parents have adopted cargo bikes as a green and fun way to transport their kids to school. Plus, when looking to catch some fresh air over the weekend, they’re great for taking the kids or even the family dog on a ride, perhaps to a nearby lake.

Cargo bikes produce zero emissions, navigate congested streets way better, and require less space to park. So, instead of idling engines in traffic jams, maybe these eco-friendly bikes can be doing the same job but in a cleaner and more efficient way, effectively allowing for the replacement of cars in many cases.

Why should you use a cargo bike?

Here’s why I think we will soon see many more cargo bikes on our streets. They are:

  • Eco-friendly - Cargo bikes can drastically reduce the carbon footprint of our urban travels. Also, they don’t produce emissions, which contributes to better air quality in our cities.
  • Economical - Cargo bike maintenance costs are next to nothing when compared with cars. With rising costs of living, they help you save on fuel costs, parking fees, and public transportation tickets.
  • Fast - They can help you avoid wasting precious time in traffic jams. Tracking data suggests that the average speed of a cargo bike in densely populated urban areas in Poland averaged 20km/h - that’s probably the same as a car during rush hours.
  • Customizable - With wide range of accessories, you can adapt the bike to your needs. They can be great for transporting groceries, kids, pets, or even last-mile logistics.
  • Healthy - Regular biking is beneficial for your cardiovascular health, and you get those feel-good endorphins going.

Hazay - cargo bikes made in Poland

Hazay is a cargo bike manufacturer from my hometown - Poznań. Their electric cargo bikes are 100% designed and manufactured in Poland. They offer two cargo bike models: Hazay Family and Hazay Buddy. They mainly differ in groupset configuration and the finishing of welds. I had a chance to ride their bikes on multiple occasions. Bikes are well-engineered, offering good handling even when the cargo area is loaded. Their rigid frame and a central motor deliver a smooth riding experience.

They don’t only manufacture cargo bikes; they also build an ecosystem of accessories that enable eco-friendly and comfortable transport for anyone. Hazay Bikes offers a range of accessories for children (child seat and rain tent), dogs (dog carrier) and business (cargo box).

By producing high-quality, efficient, and affordable cargo bikes, Hazay Bikes is paving the way for cities to adopt more sustainable modes of transport. Their focus on creating an ecosystem around the cargo bike demonstrates their commitment to a broader vision – one where urban environments are less congested, less polluted, and more enjoyable for everyone.